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Soccer-Pressure mounts on the field, comply or be shutdown!

As we have been saying all along, this fight is not only about Gourmeltz; it’s about all of us and our rights & freedoms as Americans.

The adverse effects these ridiculous arbitrary mandates are having on our society, and more importantly, our children, far outweigh anything else.

Now health officials are patrolling children’s soccer games demanding parents wear a mask even if they are 6 feet apart and OUTSIDE. They are threatening to take away children’s sporting activities if we don’t “comply.”

Here is the email from a Spotsylvania County Parks & Rec official:

On Apr 14, 2021, at 3:08 PM, wrote:

Good Afternoon,

It was brought to our attention by staff and the local health department that policies for youth sports regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic have not been followed. Particularly regarding wearing a mask. A mask must be worn at all times, excluding players playing on the field. If we do not comply with these polices then our program will be shutdown. We want the youth in this community to continue to play in a safe and fun environment. This cannot be achieved without your full cooperation. Below is a reminder of the policies set forth for the season in order for the league to happen. Please feel free to call me if you have questions at 540-507-7534 or George Major at 540-507-7535.

COVID Procedures Soccer

  • Parents/spectators must social distance at all times and wear a mask.

  • Masks are required to be worn by everyone (Parents/spectators, coaches, and staff) excluding players when practicing or playing in games. Players must be social distanced and wearing a mask on the sideline.

  • All who attend practices/games should take their temperature at home prior to leaving for practices and games.

  • Coaches are responsible for asking players or their parents if they have a higher than normal temperature before each practice/game.

  • Anyone who is not feeling well should not attend games or practices and should stay home.

  • Schedules may be changed, games may be suspended, or league canceled with new information released by the Governor of Virginia, local Health Department, or due to facilities being closed.

  • Coaches must stay on team side. No crossing of the mid-line.

  • Players must bring their own water.

  • No hand shaking after game.

Jonathan Frith

Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation

Recreation Programmer

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